Working for Us2022-03-10T15:47:40-05:00

Working for Us

Are there any job roles with Digital One Technology that can be completed Remotely?2022-03-11T11:21:41-05:00

Some job roles have the option of being performed remotely, but this is on a case-by-case basis. Contact for more details.

Is travel a requirement?2022-03-11T11:20:57-05:00

Travel is a requirement for field technicians (IT Specialists, Level 2 IT Field Service Technicians),
but the mandatory travel is within a 60-mile radius of our home office located in Lynchburg, VA.
There is an opportunity for long-distance travel for field technicians, but it is not a requirement.
Some travel may be required in order to fulfill certain duties in the Research and Development Project Manager role, but it is on a case-by-case basis.

What is the pay rate for working at your company?2022-03-07T14:20:44-05:00

The pay rate for working at the company is based on experience with the current field you would be applying for.
Once you apply and submit your resume to us, let us know what you would like to be paid, and will see based on your experience.

Do you offer any benefits?2022-03-11T11:20:26-05:00

Yes! Health, Vision, Dental, Life, and Paid Time Off (PTO).
These are available to all full-time employees, regardless of job role, after a 90 day probationary/orientation period.

Working here looks like a lot of travel, do we have to use our own car?2022-03-07T14:11:37-05:00

No, all travel is used by a company car provided by us. So you don’t have to worry about putting miles on your personal car.
As well as paying for gas and maintenance for the car as well.

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