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We are Digital One, A locally owned and operated computer IT solution provider, offering top quality service and support for your data infrastructure needs.


We understand and will resolve your IT headaches. Modern, cloud based and traditional hardware options are available whether you are a small, medium, or large business.

Digital One is your reliable solution.


Nothing destroys productivity as much as losing connectivity in a busy work environment. We can patch, upgrade or overhaul, no matter the scale.

Digital One is here to help you


On premise services, hands-on response and full service network administration are our central focus. Contract services are available for 24/7 immediate access to our experienced professional technicians.

Digital One is here to help you

IP Cameras

IT Security now includes premise security. A modern business must monitor Ingress and Egress, safety procedures, OSHA compliance, and other Human Resources concerns.

Digital One is prepared to resolve your needs.

Access Control

Science Fiction is reality as remote adminstrated access control is here! Biometric, RFID, NFC, and now including Health monitoring!

Contact Digital One for details.

Full Service Technology

Digital One is a Full Service Technology with experience across the spectrum of the corporate networking field. 25 years of experience in CAT5, CAT6, Telephony, CO-AX, Cabling, Rack Installation, Full Network Design and Maintenance, Closed Circuit and IP camera and surveillance equipment, Access Control, and many other technologies. We work with large and small ISP’s for limited and unlimited services.

Digital One can provide hosting for phone, email, or website services. We can perform application integration for cloud software. CompTia, CCNA and Microsoft Certified


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