Caddy CAT 21HP J Hooks

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The highly engineered Cat HP J-Hooks feature a 3" (76 mm) bend radius and comply with TIA standards for Cat 6A, Cat 7, and fiber optic cables. Many alternative J-Hook products do not meet the minimum bend radius required to install or support modern high performance data cables.

  • Designed to help meet the requirements for high performance data cables
  • Sturdy steel construction with superior cable capacity and load rating
  • Fire rated solution to comply with project requirements
  • Much faster installation compared to conventional cable or ladder tray
  • One person can install J-Hooks, tray installation requires two or more people
  • No grounding or bonding required
  • No extra components to install
  • Tray requires an additional support structure - nVent CADDY Cat HP does not
  • Eliminates the need for special tools or connection fittings
  • J-Hooks allow for easy, no-cost directional and level changes
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