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Please provide us with at least three (3) other companies with whom your business
has established credit and with whom you have purchased in the last three (3) months.

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Terms and Conditions
  1. All Net30 invoices must be paid in full within 30 days of the date of shipping.
  2. If the purchaser (hereby refers to the company listed in the "business information", the same below) has a reason of force majeure and has informed Digital One Technology in the written notice before the due date, the payment can be deferred to 15 calendar days after the due date.
  3. If the purchaser fails to make any payment within 15 calendar days after the due date without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to Digital One Technology, Digital One Technology shall limit the purchaser's credit and be entitled to charge the purchaser interest at the rate of one percent (1%) of the overdue payment per month until payment in full is made (any partial month will be treated as a full month for the purpose of calculating interest).
  4. After the purchaser receives the goods, if an after-sales issue is caused by Digital One Technology, the purchaser is allowed to suspend the payment until the purchaser receives the repaired or replaced product. However, if the after-sales issue is caused by the purchaser, the purchaser cannot refuse to pay for the order.
  5. If a credit order is to be canceled, please inform your account manager in advance of the written notice. Digital One Technology will review, give you feedback, and instruct you on the cancellation process. If the order cancellation is caused by Digital One Technology (for example defect or wrong products received), the purchaser is allowed to cancel the order. If the order cancellation is caused by the purchaser, and the purchaser has not formally stated and negotiated with Digital One Technology in advance, the order cannot be canceled.
  6. By submitting this application, you authorize Digital One Technology to make inquiries into the banking and business trade references that you have provided.
  7. All information provided by the purchaser under this agreement is confidential and proprietary to the purchaser, Digital One Technology shall not disclose or make public any information to a third party unless the disclosure, publicity, and application of the con dential information are approved by the purchaser in writing by certified email.
  8. To the extent that you have any controversies or disputes, please call 434-509-1515 or send emails to your account manager in Digital One Technology.
I have read and agree to your terms and conditions. I hereby certify that above all information contained is complete and accurate. All information has been furnished with the understanding that it is to be used to determine the amount and conditions of the credit to be extended. I am authorized to sign this application on behalf of the company/organization/institution listed above. *

By hitting submit, you agree that all the information you submitted is correct and that you are affiliated with the company you have entered above.