Security Information

Security is a very big deal when it comes to your personal information. These are some tips and tricks. 

Software updates
Staying up today with your software is a very important step in keeping your information safe. Keeping windows updated will help secure your computer.

Virus Protection
Antivirus protection plays another important role in keeping you safe. Downloading and visiting websites can be a risky business. Don’t go to weird sites and install odd-looking programs you have no idea what they do. Downloading drivers from a website that is not from your computer’s manufacturer is a no-no.

Email Protection
This is a very easy way for people to get you to visit a random site or get information from you about yourself. Unless you know who it is from, I say never give anyone information about yourself over an email.

Scam Calls
In today’s age, this is the number one way scammers get people’s information and or money. Just know no one will ever call you about your computer issues unless you request it from a certain company. Microsoft will never call you and tell you about your computer having issues. That is a scammer and you should hang up.

2 Factory Authentication (2FA)
This is a great way to secure any account you have. Weather is be a bank or you gmail account this is a great way to deter people from getting into your accounts. Links to your cell phone, after you try to login, you get promted to enter your 2fa code stright from your phone.