Sigh of Security

In the world we live in all it takes is one wrong click to create your worst day and a hacker’s best day. All it takes is one wrong click for all your personal information to be shared with the wrong people. All it takes is one wrong click to completely lose control. 

Digital one Technology would like to introduce “Sigh of Security”. A device monitoring software that is always one step ahead of viruses and malware that could potentially end up on your devices. This software is a shield that protects our clients by getting in between them and any criminals trying to gain control.  This software can be placed on any device like phones or computers. Anyone can be a victim of this type of crime that’s why we recommend our clients protect themselves before it’s too late. 

Sigh of Security enables our technicians to prevent hacking, firewall your devices, and provide the support that you need without you missing work for an appointment time. 

One of our valued clients told us  “I love the Security systems and protection that it offers my business.”  Another customer states, “I am alerted by the technician when I need software upgrades, and if I approve the upgrade my technician takes care of it all for me.  I don’t have to stress about the process of loading all the stuff and having it set up correctly, anymore!”                                                                                                                    When our technician Jackson Noyes was asked what his favorite part about this software was he said “It has an app that allows me to troubleshoot problems and be available to my customers when needed all from the convenience of my phone.” 

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